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   This project involved extensive existing image manipulation, signature / title design and template conformity with more to come on the upcoming website project.


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   A Graphic Designer with years of solid design, 3D animation & imaging, large and small-scale media & sign programs, corporate logos & branding, Sales and Marketing support, and extensive photography & photo-imaging. Over the years, freelancing has included work with various Musicians & Authors, Engineers, designing salon & spa media,  a Music Video, branding in Yorkville, stationary, advertising, industrial 3D imaging & animation using MAC's and PC's.

   My first real "claim-to-fame" was the TD Canada Trust changeover way back in 2001. I designed exterior signage for about 80-90% of Ontario locations as part of a team that re-faced the brand for all Canadian locations while with Pattison Sign Group. While there, won numerous awards in custom sign and logo design in national and international contests and competitions, as well as throughout the company (through 5+ year tenure).

   In addition to my technical capabilities, I am honest, a Team-Player, reliable, strong in interpersonal & communication skills, positive attitude and solid work ethic.

   Versatility, speed, precision with colors, attention to detail and ability to work well in a team environment make me a powerful asset to any organization utilizing in-house Designers. Not to mention, it's far more practical and cost-effective to have an experienced Designer in-house to maximize productivity, as out-sourcing can get costly and inexperience often translates to more time and revisions.

   As much as I enjoy Freelancing, I have always enjoyed and thrive in a Team Environment. The Team makes the dream! Thanks for your attention!

   More recent additions to my repertoire include: Web Design & Hosting, Video Production, Editing & DVD Presentation.

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